About Me

Since 1974. Yes. I've been around the block a couple of times. I love learning about new software, trying new design techniques and helping clients succeed in business.

Where did it all begin? Somewhere in California. 

Contact me and I'll give you more details.
Shawn Aller at office

Talents & Professional Experience

Graphic Designer

Everything from a simple brochure to an elaborate corporate website.

Website Designer & Developer

Fun. Challenging. Fulfilling.


What a beautiful world we live in.

HTML Is My Friend

Yep, the nerd factor is strong with this one.

My Interests

Stopped for a swim at Sandpoint City Beach
My Bicycle
Whenever I can, wherever I can, I'm riding in the clean, fresh air.
AllerGale Design
My Business
It's what keeps me going. It's not very often that someone loves going to work every day. I do!
Sandy & Shawn
My Partner
My favorite part of every day. Playing and working with my partner Sandy.